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Our Vancouver, WA Store is OPEN: Masks and social distancing are required in the showroom. We also provide curbside pickup. Call ahead so your Order will be ready when you arrive.

NEW VIOLIN CASE STYLES: Our high-quality violins ship in cases that are light in weight but offer superior protection.  All instruments include professional set-up and exceptional customer service. Call 1-800-779-0242 for order customization options.

Complete Fiddle Outfits

Designed with the Fiddle player in mind, our specially carved bridge is sure to have you playing double stops and triple stops in no time! Perfect for the Irish Player or the Traditional Player. Also see our Fiddle Accessories page.

Turn Your Violin into a Fiddle!

Did you know any violin can be a fiddle? Contact us to find out how our in-house luthiers can convert your instrument.

The fiddle bridge makes it easier to play double and triple stops.