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Everything Ships Free!

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Why it is Best to Buy Direct

We Think Kennedy Violins is the Best Violin Store Online!

At Kennedy Violins, we want you to love our instruments, no matter where you purchased them. But, for the best experience, you'll want to buy your instrument direct from Kennedy Violins. Here's why:

  1. PRE-PURCHASE: We can offer you more options. Other suppliers don't offer the outfit customizations and upgrades that you can find on the Kennedy Violins website or in our store, and our customer service team can help you select the instrument and accessories that fit your needs. All our customer service reps are experienced string players and have valuable knowledge that you can use in making your decision. If you would like to compare violin or viola instruments or bows we can help make the decision easy when you try before you buy with our In-Home Trial program.
  2. FREE SHIPPING: All of our instruments ship FREE! And, any purchase over $100, including accessory purchases, also ship free.* Plus, when you work directly with our staff, they can assist with any shipping concerns.
  3. RETURNS or EXCHANGES: For the vast majority of our customers, everything goes just as expected. But realistically, things can go wrong. We will work to correct any issues and make the process as positive as possible. When you work with a third-party vendor, options are limited. Yes, you will be able to return an instrument, but we may have solutions that would be a better option for you! For instance, we may be able to troubleshoot the problem. Or, if the issue is just with an accessory in the outfit, we can help you exchange just that component rather than the whole package.
  4. FOLLOW-UP: Once you have had the chance to get acquainted with your instrument, you may have additional questions. When you have purchased directly from our team, we have already had a chance to get to know you and understand your needs. We can give you the personal service you deserve, with an understanding of your unique musical journey. And, when you are ready to move up to another instrument, we can offer you a Trade Up. We can't do that if you purchased the instrument from a third party.
  5. WARRANTY: We offer warranties on our Kennedy Violin brands. These warranties apply to the original purchaser of our products, regardless of where you purchased. But if we already know you it helps streamline the process if you need a repair or replacement.

Prime Members Can Purchase Direct Too!

Some of our products are also stocked at Amazon Distribution Centers. Prime Members nationwide can take advantage of fast shipping and use their Amazon Prime credits during purchase of those items. However, we cannot customize orders that are stocked at Amazon distribution centers. For custom accessories and setup, be sure to buy direct.

Read more about the Buy With Prime program.

Come In Or Reach Out. Wherever You Are in the USA, We Treat You Like a Neighbor

We are more than an online violin store. We have a beautiful brick and mortar showroom, staffed with helpful musicians and music teachers who can provide expert advice. We also provide lessons, rentals, and have an in-house luthier shop for service, setup, and repair. So, if you have any questions please come in, email, or give us a call. We will be happy to help.

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* Free shipping does not apply to cellos or basses, and a few other large items, which are only available locally in our shop.