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Instrument Setup

When you pick up your Kennedy Violins instrument for the first time, we want you to be impressed with the sound from the very first note. We provide our customers with instruments that are not only beautiful, but 100% playable, comfortable, and accurately finished with professional workmanship.

A Complimentary Service

Expert setup is completed in the USA by our staff of professional luthiers and is included with every instrument purchase. Setup ensures maximum playability and tone quality and is completely complementary—we never charge additional fees for new instrument setup! Your instrument arrives ready to tune and play!

Orchestral Instruments

Orchestral Setup

When Kennedy Violins' luthier staff sets up your orchestral instrument we:

  • Smooth the fingerboard.
  • Arch the bridge.
  • Shape and fit the bridge feet.
  • Notch the bridge grooves.
  • Carve the nut to standard curvature.
  • Notch the string grooves.
  • Fit and lubricate the pegs.
  • Polish the finish.
  • Correctly install the strings.
  • Install the customer-selected fine tuner option.

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Antonio Giuliani Guitars

Guitar Setup

When our luthiers set up your guitar you can be sure that:

  • All frets have been hand-leveled, crowned, and polished.
  • All fret ends have been dressed for comfort.
  • Fretboard is oiled for protection and beauty.
  • Truss rods are adjusted for optimum playability.
  • Saddles are accurately shaped, height-adjusted, and sanded for optimum playability.
  • Action adjusted for comfortable playability across all strings.
  • Every guitar set up includes high-quality strings, installed and wound correctly.
  • Finish is polished.

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Once setup is completed each instrument is inspected, reviewed, and signed off by one of our expert luthiers. All violin setup is done to meet or exceed MENC specifications and standards. We are always happy to adjust any setup measurements to accommodate your preferences, as long as the playability of the instrument is preserved.

Playing for Life

With our Lifetime Warranty, we promise to keep our Kennedy Violins customers playing. Kennedy Violins will repair or replace any instrument, parts, fittings, or covered accessories found defective in materials or manufacture. We've got you covered for life!