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Everything Ships Free!

We Delivered—What's Next?

Bottom line—we are here to help you. When getting started with a new instrument or accessory you may have questions or concerns about use, care, or condition. Our service staff are all string musicians and can help! You can call a customer support rep at 1-800-779-0242 or send us an email. Local? come on in and see us. You can also find answers here on the website about warranties and returns.

ORCHESTRAL INSTRUMENTS: If you have ordered a violin or viola online, and are new to orchestral instruments, there are things you should know before using your violin or viola. What may initially appear to be an issue is usually easily solved. The video below can help answer questions and solve common issues. 

00:00 — Intro
00:17 — What Do I Need to Know?
00:45 — Where Are My Accessories?
01:45 — Is My Bow OK?
03:31 — Is My Bridge Broken?
04:46 — How to Fix Slipping Pegs.
06:34 —I Have a Broken String.
07:03 — Is My Violin Perfect?
08:42 — No Sound? Rosin and Your Bow.
09:30 — What About my Lifetime Warranty?

Antonio Giuliani Guitars and Ukuleles

GUITARS and UKES: There is a lot of information online about getting started with your guitar or ukulele, and we have some great tutorials on our YouTube channel. But you can call us at 1-800-779-0242 or email us for personal advice about use and care of your new instrument.