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Thomastik Rondo Violin String Set

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  • Synthetic-core strings

  • Full and powerful sounding

  • Quick break-in time

  • Quick bow response

Thomastik Rondo Violin String Set

Thomastik-Infeld Rondo strings for violin are now available for commercial sale. For years they have been available for luthiers to use in-house on finer instruments, but now they are available to anyone who wants to step up to this premiere, professional level string.

Rondo was designed to bring out the finest qualities of advanced instruments, offering subtle and sophisticated nuance.

Testimonials speak of providing excellent projection under dynamic demands, and yet being rich and expressive under the slightest bow pressure. Rondo is an excellent choice to explore the color and voice that may be unrealized in your instrument.

4/4 only, Medium gauge only

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Product Video