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Thomastik-Infeld Rondo Gold Violin String Set

Our Price: $155.95


  • Synthetic-core strings
  • Full and powerful sounding
  • Both tin- and gold-plated E strings included
  • Quick bow response

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Introducing the Thomastik Rondo Gold Violin String Set – where timeless tradition meets modern brilliance. Crafted with precision by Thomastik-Infeld, this professional set is designed to elevate your music with golden overtones, warmth, and power. The additional E string provides added versatility.

Rich, sweet tones resonate with a balance of warmth and clarity. The strings offer a  flexible touch in the left hand. The fast and reliable bow response allows for expressive musicality, bringing your performance to life.

Choose between two E string options – tin-plated or the lower tension gold plated for a warmer sound. With Thomastik Rondo Gold, unlock new possibilities for your artistry and let your music shine with a touch of professional excellence.

Thomastik-Infeld Rondo Gold Violin String Set in action