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Rosewood Violin Tailpieces in Various Styles

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  • Beautiful Ebony Tailpieces

  • Choose from various carving styles

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Rosewood Violin Tailpieces in Various Styles

These Rosewood tailpieces are a beautiful accent to your violin. If purchased with a violin from Kennedy Violins the installation is included. They can also be purchased separately. The rosewood tailpieces come in these styles:

  • The Tulip-Style with Boxwood Fret is graceful and smooth.
  • The French-Style is a tulip-shaped tailpiece with a Parisian eye and bone fret.
  • The Hill Style has an angular look with a ridge running vertically down the tailpiece, Choose from the brass or boxwood fret.
  • The Harp Style includes a graceful curve at the top of the tailpiece.
Rosewood Violin Tailpieces in Various Styles in action