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Intro to Violin Lesson Book

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Intro to Violin is a fun, comprehensive guide for beginning violinists. Originally written by Kennedy Violins staff in 2012, the 2022 revised edition (coming soon) includes updated information and format to clearly lead the student from one lesson to the next. This detailed guide provides you with simple instructions to get you started on the violin including basic techniques, fundamentals, and music theory. With helpful tips and diagrams, Intro to Violin offers you all the knowledge you need to start playing today!

Intro to Violin includes great information including how to:

  • Hold the violin.
  • Hold the bow.
  • Articulate with the bow.
  • Tune.
  • Play double stops.
  • Read music, including scales.
  • Understand time and key signatures.
  • Care for your instrument.
  • Use fingerboard tapes.
  • Learn basic songs such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Rodeo Hoe Down," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," "Hot Cross Buns," "Lightly Row," "Ode to Joy," and Bach's "Minuet in G."
Intro to Violin Lesson Book in action