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Dorfler 192 Octagonal Pernambuco Violin Bow

Our Price: $1,125


  • Aged Pernambuco wood
  • Fully-mounted silver frog
  • Abalone slide
  • Bone tip

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For more than three generations the Dörfler workshop has produced bows of superior craftsmanship and playability. The workshop, as it is known today, was started by Egidius Dorfler. As an homage, each master bow is stamped *W.E. Dorfler*. Bows that carry this stamp are made from the best pernambuco from stocks that the Dorfler family has amassed over decades. In keeping with the Dorfler workshop's attention to detail, each stick is expertly crafted and cambered to give the greatest possible elasticity coupled with its ideal weight and balance.

  • Aged Pernambuco wood 
  • Fully-mounted silver frog 
  • Abalone slide 
  • Bone tip 
  • Silver winding 
  • Leather thumb-grip
  • Stamped W. Dörfler

The model 192 features an octagonal stick, with genuine Pernambuco wood. These bows are perfect for an advancing student looking to get the most in sound and playability at a modest price point for Pernambuco bows.

Dorfler 192 Octagonal Pernambuco Violin Bow in action