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Bonmusica Viola Shoulder Rest


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Bonmusica Viola Shoulder Rest

Bon Musica Viola Materials Plastic-coated aluminum with foam rubber padding to support the side facing the body. Natural rubber cover for the holding claws to prevent sound leakage and damage to the instrument. Nylon fasteners for weight reduction. Adjustability Contact surface in the shoulder area manually positionable. Positionable contact surface in the chest area manually. Fit to bridge the size variations of instruments can be adjusted manually. Inclination of the holding claws on both sides in a range of 110 degrees. Height adjustment on both sides of the holding claws and infinitely self-fixing. Advantages Ergonomic, slip-resistant connection between instrument and body, thereby no bruises on the neck and chin, and relief of the head in the neck area. Freedom for the left hand, by fixing the proper violin posture. Remains firmly attached to the violin during use. Nevertheless, the post-Bonmusica remains easily removable. Quality Good workmanship and functionality can increase the joy of playing the violin. Rounded corners, edges and a durable plastic coating defused without saying. Delivery Bonmusica is delivered in an attractive box with detailed instructions.

Bonmusica Viola Shoulder Rest in action