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Ray Chen Reviews the Bunnel Pupil Student Violin

At Kennedy Violins, we recently experienced the honor of having our Bunnel Pupil violin reviewed by none other than Ray Chen, a violinist whose talent and passion for music education have captivated audiences worldwide. This endorsement from Ray Chen is not just a milestone for our brand but a testament to our commitment to quality and accessibility in music education.

Ray Chen's Review of the Bunnel Pupil Violin

The Impact of a Global Music Icon

Ray Chen, with his vast following and respected opinion in the classical music community, brings a spotlight to instruments he believes in. His review of the Bunnel Pupil violin at 07:16 in his video "I Try Every Violin on Amazon" goes beyond mere words; it's an endorsement of our efforts to provide quality instruments to beginners. Ray's mention of the violin, especially noting its affordability when purchased directly from kennedyviolins.com, underscores our mission to make music accessible to all.

Insights from a Virtuoso

In his comprehensive review, Ray Chen not only highlighted the Bunnel Pupil's qualities but also its value proposition, emphasizing that quality doesn't have to come at an exorbitant price. His feedback is invaluable, coming from someone who has experienced the best violins in the world. For Kennedy Violins, having Ray Chen acknowledge the Bunnel Pupil's playability and the professional setup by our in-house luthiers is a significant endorsement of our dedication to quality.

Kennedy Violins and Our Mission

A Commitment to Accessibility

Kennedy Violins has always been driven by the goal to make learning the violin accessible. The review by Ray Chen amplifies our message, bringing it to a global audience. It validates our approach to crafting instruments that are not only affordable but also of a quality that inspires learners.

Ensuring Quality Through Professional Setup

Our professional setup, highlighted by Ray Chen, is at the core of our commitment to our customers. This process, carried out by our skilled in-house luthiers, ensures that each Bunnel Pupil violin is ready to play right out of the box. It's this attention to detail and quality that we believe sets us apart and which has been recognized by Ray Chen in his review.

The Significance of Ray Chen's Endorsement

Ray Chen's review is more than just an evaluation of the Bunnel Pupil violin; it's a bridge connecting Kennedy Violins to a global community of music enthusiasts. His endorsement serves as a beacon for potential students, guiding them towards a violin that promises quality, affordability, and a positive learning experience.

A Future of Possibilities

Looking ahead, we are inspired by the possibility of Ray Chen reviewing more of our violins. His influence and credibility in the music world have the power to elevate the perception of our instruments, encouraging more individuals to embark on their musical journeys with Kennedy Violins.


Ray Chen's endorsement of the Bunnel Pupil violin marks a significant moment for Kennedy Violins. It reaffirms our mission to provide accessible, quality instruments to learners and highlights the impact that a respected musician's support can have on our brand. We are deeply honored by Ray Chen's review and remain committed to fostering musical education through our instruments.

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