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Wittner Augsberg Violin Chinrest

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  • Non-allergenic

  • Center mount

  • Chinrest is adjustable in height

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Wittner Augsberg Violin Chinrest

Make your chinrest as tall as you need! It is recognized by many violinists and violists that shoulder rests are only half of the equation when finding the most comfortable and effective way to hold their instruments. Chinrests often get ignored as a static part of the instrument, when really research has shown that it may be more important in offering a relaxed posture that fits your unique body! The Augsburg and Zuerich Chinrests by Wittner are not only made from comfortable and hypoallergenic plastic, but they come with interchangeable risers to adjust the tilt in a way that allows for different instrument and jaw angles. Additional 8 mm risers can be added in pairs to make the chinrest as tall as is needed, reducing tension in players with longer necks or who prefer playing without a shoulder rest. Center mount Very ergonomically shaped and fits most people Made with hypoallergenic plastic Made in Germany

Wittner Augsberg Violin Chinrest in action