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W. E. Hill & Sons Varnish Cleaner

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  • This popular polish is great for removing stubborn rosin without damaging the delicate varnish on your violin.

  • It leaves a clean, polished look and is essential for the maintenance and protection of your violin.

  • Amount: 25cc

W. E. Hill & Sons Varnish Cleaner

Mild cleaner and polish combination. 1 oz. Most importantly, start with one small section at a time, not a large section for the entire back, for example. More than a few players, even seasoned professionals, create quite a mess by trying to clean too large an area at a time. Whenever using a new brand of cleaner or polish for the first time, be sure to test it on a small, inconspicuous spot. Place approximately 10-15 drops of polish on a clean, folded cotton or microfiber cloth or clean soft folded paper towel. Using moderate pressure, rub polish onto varnish in a circular motion in 1" or larger circles. Wipe off polish before it has dried with another clean soft cloth or soft paper towel. Use light to moderate pressure either in a circular motion or in the direction of the grain.

W. E. Hill & Sons Varnish Cleaner in action