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Ukulele Fantastic Finger Guides

Our Price: $12.05


  • Proven in the classroom to work better than finger tapes!
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Won't damage your fingerboard.

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The Ukulele Finger Guide works with all method books. Decal goes on easily and comes off with no gooey mess. The fretboard sticker works on concert, soprano and tenor ukuleles. Once the student has become confident in knowing his or her notes and fret numbers, they should remove the decal. The fingerboard map will be in their visual memory for a reference and they will not need the guide again on their instrument. The finger guide is not reusable. Have a musical day!!

Designed specifically to streamline the process of learning how to play string instruments. Just the right amount of information for the beginner players to build their confidence.

MADE IN THE USA - Weston’s Fantastic Guitar Finger Guide for guitar was created over several years by a string teacher (Patent #10504378). The first finger guide was created for the inventor's own middle school orchestra students. He then went on to create the guitar and ukulele guides fretboard stickers.

Ukulele Fantastic Finger Guides in action