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Steven Beckley Silver Mounted Violin Bow

Our Price: $5,000


  • Very straight grained round Pernambuco stick
  • Pearl eye and slide on ebony frog
  • A very well balanced 60 grams
  • A fine bow for a professional player

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Fine violin bow with a rounded stick by Steven Beckley. Steven draws from early French bow makers such as Peccette, Pajoet, and Tourte to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind bows for professional players. His careful selection of wood and detailed work in graduations and cambering gives the bows he makes a special sensitivity and subtleness of tone found in those early French makers.

This bow is fully silver mounted, with a silver winding and leather grip. It features a pearl eye and slide and ebony frog. The weight is 60 grams and it is among the finest bows we've had the pleasure of playing. This is a great chance to own a Beckley bow at a price lower than you can get one from Steven himself. 

Steven Beckley Silver Mounted Violin Bow in action