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Rondo String Upgrade VA

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Thomastik-Infeld's Luthier Series line features Rondo viola strings! These strings were specially designed for the sophisticated violist and to meet the professional needs of luthiers. The Rondo String set from Thomastik Infeld fits viola sizes 15"–16.5" and is medium weight.

Rondo strings are powerful with a quick bow response, but offer a strong and complex tone usually not found on strings this powerful. They are a top choice for discerning professional players.

Set Composition
A-String: Chrome wound over carbon steel core (18.3 lb)
D-String: Chrome wound over synthetic core (13.5 lb)
G-String: Chrome wound over synthetic core (12.3 lb)
C-String: Tungsten/Silver wound over synthetic core (11.9 lb)

Rondo String Upgrade VA in action