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Ricard Bunnel Cello Outfit

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  • Complete coverage by our Lifetime Warranty

  • Kennedy Violins’ 45-day Money-back Guarantee

  • Set up by our team of professional luthiers in Vancouver, WA

  • Excellent customer service to meet your needs

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Outfit at a glance

  • Case: Portland Soft Cello Bag
  • Bow: Giuliani Brazilwood Cello Bow
  • Rosin: D'Addario Prelude
  • Accessories: Rosin, string cloth
  • Recommended Upgrade: Helicore Strings

Ricard Bunnel Cello Outfit

The Ricard Bunnel Cello Outfit, available in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 (full size), is an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate students, as well as anyone looking for a high-quality fractional-size cello with an exceptionally professional sound. With fractional sizes ranging from 1/4 to full size, the Ricard Bunnel Cello is the best-sounding, highest-quality fractional cello you will find for growing young musicians, and a sophisticated choice for students and adults requiring a full-sized instrument. With its gorgeous, deep color and beautiful oil finish, this instrument produces a rich, dark sound that is wonderfully projective. This cello features genuine 100% high-grade ebony fittings and a custom-fit, hand-carved bridge. It has four fine tuners and steel-core D'Addario Prelude Strings that offer a strong, clear sound as well as less sensitivity to humidity.

The Ricard Bunnel Cello is available for sale or as a rental in the Portland, OR area.

Ricard Bunnel Cello Outfit in action

Product Video

Product Video

Ricard Bunnel Cello Outfit Features

Product Features

  • The Ricard Bunnel Cello Outfit includes the following:
  • Availability in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & 4/4 (full size)
  • Free setup by our expert luthier staff
  • Kennedy Violins’ 45-day Money-back Guarantee
  • Complete coverage by our Lifetime Warranty
  • Four fine durable, easy-to-use fine tuners
  • Strong, stainless-steel endpin with rubber tip
  • High-quality spruce top and maple back tonewoods
  • Rich, vibrant reddish-brown oil finish Inlaid purfling
  • Custom-fit, professional, hand-carved bridge
  • Beautifully carved ebony fittings including polished fingerboard, tailpiece, and pegs

Included Accessories

  • Strings: D'Addario Prelude
  • Bow: Brazilwood with Real Horsehair
  • Case: Choice of Soft, Foam, or Hard
  • Rosin: Kaplan Artcraft

Case Features

  • Black, water-resistant nylon
  • Reinforced seams for increased durability
  • Soft black tricot interior
  • Generous 20mm of foam padding
  • Double zipper closure
  • Bow sleeve
  • Accessory pocket
  • Multiple Handles for easy transport
  • Two padded, adjustable backpack straps
  • Large music pocket
  • Full one-year warranty!

Bow Features

  • Strong round bow shaft of genuine Brazilwood 
  • Genuine Mongolian horse hair
  • Half-mounted 100% ebony frog for great balance and durability
  • Mother of pearl inlay on frog
  • Silver winding
  • Abalone bow slide
  • Precisely weighed for excellent balance and responsiveness
  • Black leather grip
  • Covered by Kennedy Violins’ Limited Lifetime Warranty