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Portland Oblong Adjustable Viola Case

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  • Adjustable from 15" to 16.5" violas.

  • For 13" and 14" violas please order 3/4 or 4/4 violin case.

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Portland Oblong Adjustable Viola Case

Providing incredible utility and aesthetics at a competitive price, the Portland Oblong Adjustable Viola Case is an excellent choice for the aspiring violist. These cases feature full suspension, two bow holders, shoulder straps, exterior music pocket, and large accessory compartment.

For a 13" viola order a 3/4 violin case.

For a 14" viola order a 4/4 violin case. 

Portland Oblong Adjustable Viola Case in action

Portland Oblong Adjustable Viola Case Features

Case Features

  • Blue velour interior
  • Black cordura cover with music pocket
  • Full suspension
  • Well-built wood shell with lightweight shaped foam
  • Shoulder rest holder
  • Two bow holders
  • Velcro violin neck strap
  • Satin-lined Blanket
  • Shoulder rest storage
  • Large accessory compartment
  • Sturdy hardware
  • Two shoulder straps