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LR Baggs Element Acoustic Guitar Undersaddle Pickup

Our Price: $239.39



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Unlike typical under-saddle acoustic guitar pickups that are dependent on string compression for their sound, the Element was engineered to mirror the soundboard’s actual movement as you play.

At the heart of the pickup, a flexible film sensor only 2 thousandths of an inch thick picks up the guitar’s most delicate nuances. Tracking the motion of the top rather than a direct string attack suppresses “quack” caused by compression and unlocks the Element’s unrivaled dynamic range. The pickup’s minimalist construction lessens any influence on the acoustic properties and creates an intimate coupling between the pickup and guitar for the highest fidelity possible.

Pickup active sensor length: 3.4"
Pickup thickness: .038"
Pickup width: .092"
Battery type: Single 9V
Battery life: 1000 hrs

The L. R. Baggs steel-string Guitar Pickup Can be installed, by our own professional luthier staff, on any guitar sold by Kennedy violins for the price of the part plus a $100 installation fee. Please allow 4 business days for installation prior to shipping.  Or the pickup can be installed locally in our shop on any guitar you own.

LR Baggs Element Acoustic Guitar Undersaddle Pickup in action