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KUN Collapsible Rest Upgrade VN1

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  • Feet collapse for easy storage.

  • This design is nearly identical to the Kun Original except for the underside material being brown in color instead of black.

Pick Your Size

KUN Collapsible Rest Upgrade VN1

We will send the Kun Collapsible rest in the size that fits the instrument ordered. The feet of this rest collapse for easy storage. Very handy for those with shaped cases or those with insufficient space to store the standard Kun shoulder rests.

  • The Kun Collapsible fits 4/4 violins.
  • There is also a Kun Collapsible version for 1/2 or 3/4 instruments.
  • The Kun Collapsible Mini fits 1/16 to 1/10 instruments.


  • Foam-and-sponge-covered contoured bar
  • Rubber feet
  • Height, width, and pitch adjustable
  • Feet fold down to conveniently fit in instrument case
KUN Collapsible Rest Upgrade VN1 in action