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Knilling Perfection Planetary Gears Violin Peg Set

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Save time tuning with the Knilling Perfection Planetary pegs. Pegs feature sealed gears within the peg mechanism, creating a non-stick, effortless tuning. They are designed to look virtually identical to conventional wood pegs for aesthetic appeal. They feature a 4:1 gear ratio for easy and precise tuning.

Excellent alternative for players young and older players having difficulty tuning instruments equipped with conventional wood pegs. Endorsed and used by clinicians, teachers, students and professionals alike, Perfection pegs utilize a revolutionary internal planetary gear design, to ensure players of all ages effortless, precise tuning without sticking or slipping pegs.

We can offer to install these pegs on your instrument or on a violin ordered with us. Installation fee is $100. 

Knilling Perfection Planetary Gears Violin Peg Set in action