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John Juzek Violin ZVN-04


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A consignment John Juzek Violin.

Product Highlights

  • Red-orange varnish
  • 3/4 size violin
  • Two piece back
  • Ebony Fittings with Plastic Chinrest

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Outfit at a glance

  • Case:
  • Bow: N/A
  • Rosin: N/A
  • Accessories: N/A
  • Recommended Upgrade: N/A

John Juzek Violin ZVN-04

This John Juzek Violin has a two piece back, ebony fittings, and a plastic chinrest.
It's finish is reddish orange. It was made in Prague and is a 3/4 size violin.

John Juzek
Violinmaker in Prague

John Juzek Violin ZVN-04 in action