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Glaesel Violin/Viola Tourte Mute

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  • Used when playing a piece that says 'con sordino'.

  • When not in use the mute can stay on the violin strings near the tailpiece or easily be taken off.

  • does not affect the tuning of your instrument

  • Rubber orchestral mute that sits on the A and D strings over the bridge.

Glaesel Violin/Viola Tourte Mute

The Tourte mute is the world’s most popular orchestra mute. This version of that mute sits between the two middle strings of your instrument, and hooks over the top of the bridge, muting the sound slightly during a performance. It does not affect the tuning of your instrument and maintains a warm tonal quality. This mute is perfect for students and professionals alike, for use in chamber music and orchestral performances.

Double hole attachment to D and A strings
Molded from dense, flexible rubber
Wedges securely and conforms to the top curvature of the bridge
Installs in seconds and easily removed
Produces light muting effect
Used for con sordini passages
Most popular mute for orchestra, chamber music, and personal practice

Glaesel Violin/Viola Tourte Mute in action