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FREE Zyex String Option VN

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  • Excellent bow response provides superb playability and a broad tonal palette
  • Zyex synthetic core produces a rich, warm tone
  • Short break-in time and excellent pitch stability
  • Medium tension

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D'Addario Zyex Violin Strings are composite-core strings crafted with a new, highly refined configuration of Zyex synthetic core material. This upgraded design allows the player to maintain better control of their tone and nuance, all while maintaining an overall warm tone quality with fast break-in time and excellent pitch stability. Zyex composite strings have a warmer sound than most other synthetic core strings, making them excellent for use on modern, brighter-sounding instruments, and are very stable despite changes in climate or temperature.

E - Tinned high-carbon steel
A - Aluminum wound
D - Aluminum wound
G - Silver wound

String orders are shipped in medium gauge unless otherwise requested. Made in the USA.

FREE Zyex String Option VN in action