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Felix Ponziani Violin

Our Price: $10,000

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  • Golden-Orange Finish Color
  • Two Piece Back
  • Made in USA 1970
  • Full (4/4 Size)

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Outfit Accessories:

Case: Comes with Case.

Bow: Seifert bow Included.

Rosin: N/A

Accessories: N/A

Recommended Upgrade: N/A

This consignment Felix Ponziani Violin is a Golden-Orange color. It is a full (4/4) size, and was professionally appraised by luthier Joshua Waybright. This violin is very powerful and has a rich tone. It was regraduated by famed luthier Vahakn Nigogosian. It's varnish is a beautiful amber color with a slight craquelure finish. 

The inner label reads: Felix Ponziani 1970 Cleveland Ohio

Felix Ponziani Violin in action