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Evah Pirazzi Double Bass String Set

Our Price: $355.05


  • Modern synthetic core strings
  • Suitable for arco and pizzicato alike
  • Powerful, big and dark sound
  • Outstanding resonant decay and high torsional stiffness.

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Evah Pirazzi 3/4-size medium-gauge double bass strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre which is wound with chrome steel. This all-round string set is suitable for both arco and pizz alike. The sound is big, powerful, dark and well-rounded. These strings feature:

  • Emphasized lower frequencies and outstanding resonant decay exceptional projection.
  • High torsional stiffness short playing-in-time.
  • Very quick response and comfortable left-hand feeling.
  • Completely insensitivity to changes in temperature and humidity.

Evah Pirazzi Bass strings come in either Medium or Welch guage. Kennedy Violins stocks medium guage. Welch guage is available by special order only.