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Evah Pirazzi Option VN

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  • Outstanding tuning stability
  • Very short playing-in time
  • Resistant to changes in humidity
  • Suitable for acoustic, electric, or electrically-amplified violins

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Evah Pirazzi strings have a modern synthetic multifilament fibre core, and offer intense brilliance, easy response, and wide range of dynamics excellent for soloists.

E - Gold Ball-End E string
A - Aluminum-wound perlon
D - Silver-wound perlon
G - Silver-wound perlon


  • Enormous projection and powerful sound—excellent for soloists
  • Outstanding playability and exceptional response at any dynamic level
  • Complex and rich with overtones based on a brilliant core sound
  • Evah Pirazzi strings beautifully translate every minute impulse from the bow and fingers
  • Expressive with great nuance
  • Enormous dynamic range
  • Outstanding tuning stability
  • Insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity
  • Also suitable for electric or electrically-amplified violins

Orders are shipped in 4/4 size medium gauge unless otherwise requested.

Evah Pirazzi Option VN in action