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Dominant String Upgrade VN1

Our Price: $69


  • Full set includes all ball-end strings including Aluminum/Perlon A, Aluminum/Perlon D, Silver/Perlon G, and Steel E
  • The wound E string is designed to produce a slightly warmer tone; while slightly more expensive, we find it is equally popular
  • Warm, round, complex sound quality
  • For intermediate level to professional violinists

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Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Strings are widely recognized for their distinctive tone and playability. Their multi-strand perlon core offers the tonal warmth of gut strings without gut's disadvantages. The nylon core of Dominant strings offers a complex, warm tone for those who prefer the responsiveness and playability of synthetic or gut strings over steel-core strings.

Made in Austria, Dominant strings create a rich, mellow tone that resonates clearly without sounding tinny or metallic. The full and rich sound is excellent for both arco and pizzicato playing. Dominant strings also offer great stability through changes in temperature and humidity, giving the strings resilience and consistency in tone.

Synthetic-core strings should be replaced when worn to preserve tone color and maintain sound quality. Set 135b, the most commonly used, includes the following strings:

E – Steel with ball end
A – Aluminum on perlon
D – Aluminum on perlon
G – Silver on perlon

String orders are shipped in medium gauge unless otherwise requested.

Dominant String Upgrade VN1 in action