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Dampit Humidifier

Our Price: $19.49


  • designed in 1966 by violinist and composer Ralph Hollander
  • This essential accessory prevents wooden instruments from climate-related damage in dry or extreme climates
  • The Dampit is made from durable, lasting materials that will protect your instrument for many years
  • It can remain in the instrument while being played

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Don't let your Instrument dry out! Whether you live in a hot, dry desert area or in the freezing arctic zone, the scientifically tested Dampit humidifier will protect your instrument against damage by placing it in the instrument to maintain humidity, even while you're playing.

The original humidifier for string instruments, Dampits have been protecting wood instruments for over 40 years. Invented and patented in 1966 by professional violinist and composer, Ralph Hollander, the Dampit has protected the instruments of thousands of musicians worldwide.

Dampits are the most economical, efficient and time-tested system for keeping your instrument properly humidified. Other systems claim to maintain humidity levels but will not raise humidity under dry conditions.

The Dampit does both which prevents cracks and restores damaged wood. The Dampit is made of the finest materials, long-lasting and easy to use. With proper care your Dampit will give you years of good service without needing frequent replacement. Because of the unmatched reliability of the Dampit, musicians all over the world have trusted it to protect their precious instruments.

Dampit Humidifier in action