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Bunnel Phaser Effects Pedal

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Retail: $69.99


  • Create sheets of sound with this amazing envelope filter.

  • It works with a standard 1/4 chord.

Bunnel Phaser Effects Pedal

The Bunnel Phaser Effects Pedal is a classic phaser effects processor designed for use with electric violin, guitar, and other electric instruments. It works with a standard 1/4 chord.

By taking your signal in and out of phase, the Phaser pedal pays tribute to the iconic sounds of the 60s, such as Jimi Hendrix and George Clinton.

Plug into the Bunnel Phaser and experience the wide range of tonal possibilities. By adjusting the rate, depth, and resonance you can contour your sound and make it completely unique!

See our full line of effects pedals. Bunnel pedals are the only ones on the market quality-tested specifically for use with the electric violin.

Bunnel Phaser Effects Pedal in action