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Arcos Brasil Limited Edition "Tintori" Violin Bow



The Arcos Brasil Limited Edition "Tintori" Violin Bow is an excellent choice advancing players who require greater nuance to develop their tonal range. This violin bow produces a vibrant sound and is highly responsive to subtle motions, allowing violinists to produce both powerful and delicate tonal colors. This lightweight bow is perfect for advanced spicatto techniques with its superb balance.

Product Highlights

  • Genuine Brazilian Pernambuco
  • Mongolian Horsehair
  • 100% High-Grade Ebony Frog with Flamed Abalone accents
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

Arcos Brasil Limited Edition "Tintori" Violin Bow

At Kennedy Violins, we believe in using only the highest-quality materials. The Arcos Brasil Limited Edition Silver violin bow is made from genuine, Brazilian Pernambuco, a dense, strong, high-quality wood grown in northern Brazil that resists warping. It has a beautiful red hue and is a higher quality wood than standard Brazilwood.

Our bows are also made with Mongolian horse hair from high elevations that is very durable, strong, and long-lasting. Its smooth texture creates a similarly smooth, clear, and full tone when drawn over the string. The sturdy 100% high-grade ebony frog features beautiful flamed abalone in the bow slide as well as in the Parisian inlaid eyes.

Bow Features

Available in 4/4 size
Superior sound production and balance for advanced techniques
Feels light, bouncy, responsive, nuanced
Strong, octagonal bow shaft of genuine Brazilian Pernambuco
Genuine Mongolian horse hair
100% high-grade ebony frog for great balance and durability
Silver toned winding with beautiful accents
Premium flamed abalone bow slide
Parisian inlaid abalone eyes
Black leather grip
Covered by Kennedy Violins’ Limited Lifetime Warranty

Arcos Brasil Limited Edition