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What happened to EBONY?

Hi everyone, today I'm talking about the use of Ebony on stringed instruments. I talk about why Ebony is used and the fact that we are running out of this beautiful functional wood. I also spend some time on how and why we need to protect this wonderful natural resource!

Ebony is great because:

  1. It's beautiful
  2. It's durable
  3. It's a great wood to work with There are only 1 or 2 countries left that we can get ebony wood from.

Ebony is historically completely black but if we use ebony that has some streaks of lighter colors in it, we can preserve this natural resource. By using all of the colors of ebony, we are protecting not only the wood itself from disappearance but we are also protecting the entire ecological systems in which this wood is grown. Let's not waste perfectly good ebony!

As a company, Kennedy violins is dedicated to protecting ebony wood as an important natural resource and we are doing our best to ensure that it is available for many generations to come.