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Striking The Right Note: Your Guide On How To Buy Violins Online!

The search for the perfect violin is somewhat akin to a journey of self-discovery. Each instrument captures a unique essence, resonating with individual nuances that echo the player's personality and style of musicality.

In recent years, the online marketplace has greatly expanded, offering a virtual world teeming with violins from every corner of the globe. From antique models to modern masterpieces, from student instruments to professional-grade violins, the infinite choices present both an opportunity and a challenge.

Just as a maestro strikes the right note to perfect a symphony, so must we strike the right note in our online violin hunt. This guide will serve as your conductor in this beautiful symphony of the violin purchasing process, helping you navigate through the wide range of options and considerations. So, let's get started on your journey to buy violins online.

Introduction: The Pros and Cons of Buying Violins Online

In an increasingly digital age, purchasing items online, including musical instruments like violins, has become more prevalent. Nonetheless, the experience carries with it a unique set of benefits as well as a handful of drawbacks.

On one hand, buying a violin online can provide advantages including a broader range of options, competitive prices, and the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home. It's a particularly attractive choice for those living in remote areas or without access to local violin shops.

On the flip side, the inability to physically inspect or play the violin before purchase can make online shopping more risky. One can easily fall into the trap of misleading listings, and quality assurance can be uncertain if you're not paying attention.

In essence, it's necessary to tread with caution when buying violins online. Yet, with a mix of due diligence and educated decision-making, one can still strike the right note.


Understanding Violins: Types and Components

There is a varied spectrum when it comes to different types of violins. Most modern violins are modeled after the work of famous luthiers like Stradivarius, Guarneri, Guadagnini, and others.

When examining violins, one should take into account key components such as the body, neck, strings, and bow. The body, usually made from spruce and maple, significantly influences the tone of the violin. The neck, usually carved from the same type of wood as the back and sides, serves a vital function in playing different notes.

The strings, made from synthetic core, steel core or gut, hold a pivotal role in rendering the sound. The bow, often made from Brazilwood, pernambuco, ipe wood, or carbon fiber, directly affects your technique and tone. Understanding these components will guide you in purchasing just the right violin for your needs.

Setting Your Budget

Setting your budget is a crucial step in buying a violin online. What you're willing to invest can determine the quality and longevity of your instrument. Buying a violin isn't just about upfront costs; consider the lifetime value. This includes maintenance, possible adjustments, and repairs.

Well-made beginner violins could start from $250, going up to $800. But beware of cheaply priced VSOs (Violin Shaped Objects). A beginning violin needs to be well-constructed in order to be playable and not cause the student frustration. A very decent intermediate to advanced violin ranges anywhere between $800 to $5000. A professional level fine violin can cost over $3000 to a price only limited by rarity and historical significance. Remember, you get what you pay for. Skimping might cost you more in the end.

Never rush this step. Take your time researching. Have a budget range, rather than a fixed amount to allow flexibility and better choices. This preparatory step can be the difference between satisfaction and regret.

Shop smart, it's an investment in your music career.

Choosing the Right Violin for Your Needs

When choosing the right violin, the first step is to assess your skill level.

  1. Beginners may start with a more affordable, yet quality-made model. Advancing students should focus on step-up instruments that offer enhanced tonal characteristics and improved playability. If you are a seasoned player, you can search our violin listings by price range to find the combination of tonal quality and price that suits you. For an advanced or professional violinist, investing in a high-end violin is advisable as they provide superior sound depth and tonal variety. Our customer service team can get you the details on any of our new and consignment Fine Violins
  2. Also, consider your playing style. For orchestral or chamber music players, a resonant and warm-toned violin would be ideal. For soloists, a loud and bright-toned violin could be a better option.
  3. Lastly, you should ensure the size suits you perfectly. A violin that is not proportional to your body type can result in discomfort and playing inefficiency.  However, most adults will need a 4/4 size violin.  In fact, most kids 11+ years old, will need a 4/4 size instrument.  If you are an adult, you probably don't need to consider anything other than a 4/4 size violin.

Most importantly, take your time to search. The right violin will reflect not just your playing level and style, but your personality as well, making your musical journey a gratifying one.

Identifying Reputable Online Stores

Buying a violin online can indeed be a daunting task, especially due to the myriad of available options and sellers. A good start is to identify a reputable online store — such as Kennedy Violins.

Kennedy Violins stands out for its professionalism and commitment to providing high-quality instruments. The store offers a wide variety of violins to cater to the needs of all players, from beginners to accomplished musicians.  

What sets them apart is their experience and understanding that buying a violin is an essential investment. They ensure that every violin sold is set up and tested by professional luthiers to perfect the sound and make it easy to play.

Transparency and customer service also play a key role. Kennedy Violins excels in both; providing clear, detailed information about each instrument. Their team members are all string players and are available to answer your questions at any stage of your shopping process.  It's fairly easy for Kennedy Violins to offer many advantages to their customers because every person on the Kennedy Violins team is a player, so they have an intimate knowledge of the instruments they represent and the have the background to offer helpful advice. 

Asking the Right Questions

When it comes to purchasing a violin online, knowing the right questions to ask is crucial to making the right choice.

  1. First, ask about the grade of wood the violin is made from. The choice of wood greatly affects the sound and durability of the instrument.  You'll find that most of the time, the more money you spend, the longer the wood has been aged/dried.
  2. Also, find out if the violin is for beginners, intermediate violinists, or advanced players. The specifications and price vary greatly between these categories.
  3. You should also inquire about the accessories that come with the violin. Some violins come with a case, bow, and rosin, or additional accessories,  while others do not.  There are some retailers that offer a bunch of accessories, but usually the accessories are poor quality, so it's important to consider the quality of the shoulder rest and case the violin comes with.
  4. Finally, ask about the return policy. Buying a violin is a significant investment, and you should have the option to return it if it doesn't meet your expectations.

Take note, Kennedy Violins is always here to help guide you through this process. You can trust us to provide expert answers to all your questions.

Understand Shipping and Returns Policies

Before adding that beautiful violin to your cart, it's crucial to comprehend the shipping and return policies of the online store. At Kennedy Violins, we take pride in our customer-friendly policies.

With our efficient shipping service, your dream violin reaches your doorstep meticulously packaged, ensuring its complete safety. Feel reassured, any case of damage during transport is covered by us.

Also, we understand that not every purchase may meet your expectations. If the violin doesn't strike the right note with you, our easy return policy steps in. You have a generous window to return the product with full refund.  Not only do we have a 45 day money back guarantee but our violins come with a lifetime warranty as well.  We've been offering this for over 20 years and we continue to do so because we believe in our product.

Remember, it's not only what you are buying but from whom—policies matter. At Kennedy Violins, your satisfaction is the number one priority.

Additional Accessories and Services

When purchasing a violin online, it's worth considering the additional accessories and services on offer. For example, Kennedy Violins not only offers the violin itself but also provides a case, bow, rosin, and, for student violin outfits, other necessary accessories.

A high-quality case is crucial to protect your violin from external damage. A quality wood bow with good spring can elevate your playing to a different level. Rosin is essential for bow hairs to produce beautiful, resonant sounds. A properly designed shoulder rest can make violin playing more comfortable, a digital tuner helps you tune precisely, and a mute will make your practice easier for housemates.

Services like professional setup, string or bow upgrade options, or special pricing on cases add value to your purchase. Some companies also offer lessons. So, make sure to assess and compare these value-added elements to make the most out of your online purchase.

Remember, buying a violin is not just about the instrument itself but the whole package.

Final thoughts — Making Your Purchase with Confidence

In conclusion, purchasing a violin online need not be a daunting task. Armed with the right guidelines, you can navigate the digital marketplace with confidence and ease.

Consider Kennedy Violins, a brand whose professionalism and commitment to quality exceeds clients' standards.  So, don't let the fear of purchasing online deter you. With the right insights and the best supplier, your dream violin is just a click away.