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How to Hold a Violin Bow

Hey guys,

this is Joel Kennedy bringing you another video!

Today, I'm showing you how I've taught a lot of students how to hold a violin bow. While attending school in NY and after moving back to the Pacific Northwest, I taught violin and viola for many years. I've instructed students from beginners to advanced players; some of which were accepted into some of the most prestigious schools in the US. Because of this, I'm sure that I can be of great use to you in your quest to quickly and easily master a proper bold hold.

First of all remember, there are 3 easy steps.

  1. Place the tip of your (bent) thumb in between the leather grip and frog of your bow.
  2. Place your bow on the first crease of your first knuckle for fingers 1, 2 and 3. Let the fingers relax and hang over the bow.
  3. Place your (bent) pinky on top of the violin and leave some gap between it and your ring finger.

Helpful tips:

  • ALWAYS, bent thumb and pinky. Being bent will allow them to flex and move while you play.
  • PRACTICE, practice, practice. Rehearse holding the bow properly everyday and don't forget the 3 exercises I mention in the video.

1st exercise: Practice forming the perfect bow hold

2nd exercise: Practice "windshield wipers"

3rd exercise: Practice "spider crawls" up and down the bow.