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School & Quantity Orders

At Kennedy Violins, we believe in quality music education and want to reward teachers and students who contribute to our music communities. 

If you are a teacher or student, submit your information to receive a 10% discount coupon code within one business day! 

How to I order for my school or students?

Contact Kennedy Violins directly by phone or email at: 


Do you have special discounts?

Yes, we have several different discounts available to anyone who purchases for a school, including the school administration or teacher at the school. Discounts apply to those buying instruments for the school or for students at the school. Our primary discounts include:

• 10% off the total purchase price

• Custom set-up, package deals(call for info)

Are discounts offered on clearance violins, violas, and cellos?

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts on clearance instruments because of the nature of the their limited quantity.

What if I later purchase additional instruments that are not included in my initial order? Will they receive the discount as well?

Yes, they will. After your initial order, the same discount will apply to any instruments purchased by the school or school representative

What if I direct the parents of the school children to your website? Will they have access to a discount?

Yes. If we have been contacted by a school representative (such as a teacher or administrator) and informed of the orders to come, parents can simply mention the name of the school when placing an order to receive the discount. Parents may either call with the school name or enter it into the online order form when purchasing through the shopping cart on our website. Let us know if you have any special requests for instrument set-up or accessories for your school. We can even tape the fingerboards for you if you want.


Contact us at or 1-800-779-0242. We love hearing from you!