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Ray Chen's 100 Violin Giveaway: A Tonic App Challenge

In an exciting development for violin enthusiasts and aspiring musicians, renowned violinist Ray Chen has announced a giveaway that's music to the ears: 100 violins from Kennedy Violins, a beacon of quality for student and professional string instruments.

This announcement follows a unique challenge held at the Colburn School, where students vied to outplay Chen on specially altered violins for a chance to win a significant prize.

A Challenge of Skill and Dedication

The giveaway is set to take place on Tonic, the innovative app developed by Chen himself, starting March 18th. Within a seven-day window, Tonic users will have the opportunity to rack up practice hours, with the top 100 most dedicated users between March 18th and 25th each winning a Kennedy violin.

This initiative is more than just a competition; it's a testament to Chen's dedication to nurturing the next generation of musicians through innovative means.

Tonic: Revolutionizing Music Practice

Launched in 2020, Tonic was born out of Chen's vision to transform the often solitary act of music practice into a communal and engaging experience. The platform is designed to make classical music more accessible and enjoyable, bridging musicians across the globe.

With features that allow for live practice sessions, community events, and a supportive network of peers, Tonic is a dynamic space for musicians to grow, share, and connect.

More Than Just a Giveaway

This violin giveaway does more than just put high-quality instruments into the hands of deserving musicians; it highlights the crucial role of Tonic in fostering a supportive and dynamic music community.

With over a million live Studios created and a presence in over 130 countries, Tonic's global impact on the music community is undeniable.

How to Participate

For those interested in participating in this unique challenge, the process is simple: download the Tonic app, start practicing, and you could be one of the 100 lucky violinists to win a Kennedy violin. This is a rare opportunity to enhance your musical skills and join a global community that's united by the joy of music.

This giveaway is a beacon of hope and opportunity for musicians worldwide, embodying the spirit of community, dedication, and the love of music. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this remarkable event. 

Learn more of the details here.