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How to Properly Store Your Instrument

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to give you a few ideas on the best ways to store your violin.

Remember: Temperature and humidity affect stringed instruments very much, so you always have to take these things into consideration when storing your stringed instrument. Here is a list of things to NOT do, that will dramatically change the humidity or temperature of your instrument

1. Never leave in a hot or cold car. Take it with you when you go inside.

2. Never leave in front of a window or door that gives direct light to the instrument

3. Never leave in front of an air vent

4. Never leave on the ground!

5. Never hang from a stand.

6. Never leave where a pet can get to it.

7. Make sure the violin has tension on the strings for long storage and the bridge is straight up and not leaning.

8. Never store the instrument with anything pressing up against the varnish.

After long term storage, the pegs will probably have slipped. Watch my slipping pegs video to get the violin back in great shape!