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How to Practice with the Metronome

Hi everyone,

Today is the 4th video in my 8 part series about effective practicing techniques. Today I’m talking about how to use the metronome during practice.

Why practice with the metronome? There are 2 primary reasons.

1. The metronome IS perfection. You want to mix as much perfection into your practice routine as possible because if you play with a perfect device, then several aspects of your playing will be closer to perfection.

2. The metronome adds consistency to your practice session. It ensures that you never start a practice a section too fast or too slow. By remembering what speed setting the metronome was for something you were practicing, you can always practice something where you left off before. This way, you will avoid playing something too fast, making errors and erasing all the hard work you did previously.

Here are all the things that will improve with practicing with the metronome:

—Your own internal sense of the beat
—It will keep you from rushing or dragging
—Your stroke will be cleaner
—Your vibrato will be more even
—You’ll be sure to practice certain pieces at the correct tempo
—Played during a small ensemble, it will keep everyone on the same beat.
—And many many more!!!

How to best use a metronome?

—Be patient! Take your time.

—If practicing a passage or exercise that requires speed or evenness, start at a slow speed and get used to the metronome.

—After you can play something perfect at least 3X in a row, speed up the metronome a little bit.

—Eventually, you’ll achieve your target speed and you’ll be surprised at what you can now play!

Good luck and happy practicing!