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How to Play a Chromatic Scale on Violin

In today’s video, I’ll be showing you an easy fingering for a 3 octave chromatic scale. Here is the fingering:


On G string: (In 1/2 position) 012 (shift to 1st position) 1234 // Repeat this until the E string.
On the E string: it’s (In 1/2 position) 012 (in 1st position) 1234, shift 1234, shift 1234-4 (extend your 4th to G)


On E string: 4-4321 Shift 4321 shift 4321 (extend to 1/2) 210
On A string: 4321-(extend to 1/2) 21 repeat on all strings all the way down to open G

Here are some quick tips:

  1. 1When going up the scale, compare the open string of the next string to your low 4 to make sure there is a 1/2 step between the two notes. This way you’ll know your didn’t play flat or sharp going up.
  2. Test your G at the very top. Make sure it makes your open G string.