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How to avoid scratchy sound on the violin

Hi guys, today's video is about how to play the violin without screeches and scratches.

Remember, don't be too frustrated. The concepts of playing with good sound are very simple. It just takes a lot of proper practice! Good sound is produced by controlling 3 things:

  1. Bow speed
  2. Bow pressure
  3. Bow placement Regarding #1 and #2, if your sound is bad, then you are either pressing too hard or not moving your bow fast enough.

If the sound is bad, just try moving your bow faster or pressing with less weight. Bow placement is a bit more difficult and requires you to practice continually with a relaxed bow hand (bent thumb, bent pinky) and a relaxed and fluid bow arm (let your elbow and shoulder joint move to keep your bow straight).


  • Down bow = Initiate stroke with bicep and complete stroke with forearm.
  • Up bow = Initiate stroke with forearm and complete stroke with bicep. Hope this helps!