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Duet Exercise for Treble Strings (Classical Guitar)

Why is Violin So Hard?

Bass String Melodies - Classical Guitar

How to Hold a Violin

Can You Learn Violin Yourself?

BEST Exercises for Accidentals - Classical Guitar

Can Adults Learn Violin?

Music Theory Tutorial - Eighth Notes on the Classical Guitar

How to Use a Shoulder Rest

Exercise for Open Strings (EASY) - Classical Guitar

What to Look For When Choosing a Violin ($300 or LESS)

Antonio Giuliani CL6 ~ Catalan Folk Song, Canco Del Lladre

Antonio Giuliani CL6 ~ a Tango by George C. Economides

Antonio Giuliani CL6 Demo (samba)

Antonio Giuliani DN-4 guitar "Rag" Style (maple leaf rag)

Antonio Giuliani DN-4 playing in the "Flatpicking" Technique

Antonio Giuliani DN-4 Playing in the "Fingerpicking" Technique

BASS STRINGS of the Classical Guitar (Continuation of Lesson 6)

Lesson 6: Combining the Bass Strings on the Classical Guitar

Lesson 5: Reading Notes and Open Strings on the Classical Guitar

Lesson 4: Left Hand Technique and Position of the Classical Guitar

Lesson 3: Right Hand Fingering and Technique of the Classical Guitar

Lesson 2: Sitting and Hand Position of the Classical Guitar

Lesson One: All About the Classical Guitar

How to Tie Classical Guitar Strings

James's Guitar Lessons: Introduction

How to Bow SMOOTHLY - Learn Colle'

How to Install the Bridge

How to Read Sheet Music

How to Read Dynamics

How to Straighten a Bridge

Different Types of Violin Strings

How to Change a Violin String

How To Play With a Straight Bow

How To Place Left Hand On a Violin

How to Bounce a Bow

How to Practice Vibrato

The Importance of Breathing

How To Practice Without Getting Tired

How to Practice with the Metronome

How to Practice Scales

What is collegno?

How to Do Ponticello

How to Do Tremolo on the Violin

How to Learn Spiccato

How to Learn Detache on the Violin

Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Violins

What Bow Should I Buy?

Should You Buy a New Instrument?

How to Read Sheet Music

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