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What is collegno?

In this video Joel teaches us about Collegno technique.

How to Do Ponticello

In this video, Joel shows us how to properly play the Ponticello technique.

How to Do Tremolo on the Violin

Today we learn how to do Tremolo on the violin!

How to Learn Spiccato

This video teaches how to learn the Spiccato technique.

How to Learn Detache on the Violin

I’ll be talking about Detache bowing today. Many people want to know how to learn the detache stroke on the violin.

Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Violins

In this video Joel takes us through the major differences between cheap and expensive violins.

What Bow Should I Buy?

This video talks about the different kinds of violin bows and how to decide which is best for you.

Should You Buy a New Instrument?

This video talks about some of the factors involved when you are deciding to buy a new stringed instrument.

How to Read Sheet Music

This video talks about the first steps in reading sheet music, which is reading open strings.

How to Write Fingerings in Sheet Music

This video is about how to write fingerings in your sheet music.

How to Use a Mute

This video explains the difference between the many types of mutes you can use on your instrument.

How to Put Fingering Tape on Your Violin

This video shows how to put fingering tapes on your violin and why you would wish to do so.

How to Properly Store Your Instrument

How To Prepare for an Audition

This video talks about how to prepare for an audition!

What happened to EBONY?

This video talks about why violins use Ebony and the fact that we are running out of this beautiful functional wood.

Audition Sight Reading

Learn how to easily shift on the violin!

The Importance of Warming Up

Effective Practicing Habits

How to Find the Right Teacher

How to Practice with Your Kids

This video talks about how to practice with your child.

How to Practice

When you practice properly, you will be able to accomplish much better results in a very short period of time.

How to put on a shoulder rest

This video shows how to put on a shoulder rest.

How to Change Your Violin Strings

This video demonstrates how to change your violin strings.

How to Tune a Violin

This video explains the different ways in which you can tune a violin.

How to hold a violin bow

This video is about forming the perfect bow hold.

Difference Between Violin and Viola

This video explains the differences between the violin and viola.

How to avoid scratchy sound on the violin

This video is about how to play the violin without screeches and scratches.

How to pluck a violin string

This video is about how to pluck your violin string, or play pizzicato.

The Fine Art of Tuning

Common String Instrument Repairs

What is Rosin?

Stringed Instrument Care and Maintenance Part 2

Stringed Instrument Care and Maintenance, Part 1

How to Return to The Violin After Years of Not Playing

Beginner Basics: Where to get started

How to Find Gigs: Musical Networking

Practice Makes Perfect

From Frog to Tip: How to Choose a Bow

How to Purchase a Violin

Maintaining your violin

Humidity and Your Stringed Instrument

How do you find a violin teacher for your child?

How to Prevent Slipping Violin Pegs

This video explains how to prevent slipping violin pegs and how to properly install strings.

How To Rosin a New Bow

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