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Thomastik Peter Infeld (Pi) Upgrade

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  • synthetic-core strings

  • warm, rich tone

  • quick break-in time

  • easy tuning

Thomastik Peter Infeld (Pi) Upgrade

Thomastik offers the first platinum-plated E string with this set of strings created to honor Peter Infeld. These synthetic-core strings offer a powerful sound with a warm, rich tone. Immediate response and full sound are combined with quick break-in time and easy tuning. These strings offer the best of all worlds for players who demand the most from their violin.

E - Platinum-plated steel
A - Aluminum-wound synthetic core
D - Silver-wound synthetic core
G - Silver-wound synthetic core

String orders are shipped in 4/4 size and medium gauge unless otherwise requested.

Thomastik Peter Infeld (Pi) Upgrade in action

Product Video

Product Video