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L'archet Brasil Art Deco Silver Mounted Bows

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  • Fine Pernambuco stick with bone tip

  • Hill style, sterling silver-trimmed frog

  • Art Deco style inlay on slide and screw

  • Sterling silver winding

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L'archet Brasil Art Deco Silver Mounted Bows

This bow would make a fine addition to any violinist's collection! A great fit for an advanced student or budding professional, this bow pulls a rich and complex tone. Its lively feel allows the player to execute a variety of bow strokes with control and precision.

As an experienced bow maker, Andre Werlong specializes in high-level professional bows. He began making bows at an early age, and he is always looking forward to improving his techniques and abilities in the art of bow making. Pernambuco bows from Andre are wonderfully made and well finished, and most importantly, boast superb playability.

L'archet Brasil Art Deco Silver Mounted Bows in action