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Retail: $174.49


  • Lightweight, intuitive balance, smooth

  • High-Tech Rubber Grip

  • Polymer Filament Hair Alternative

  • 3 Year Warranty


At Kennedy Violins, we believe in using only the highest-quality materials for students of all ages and levels. The Incredibow is made of a sturdy carbon fiber stick which will not warp or break as easily if dropped compared to traditional wooden bows. Since the bow hair is permanently tensioned, the bow hair does not need to be tightened and loosened every time it is played. The hair itself is made of a tough polymer filament which will last for years and never needs to be rehaired like horsehair. The entire bow and hair are warranted to last three years.

The Incredibow's unique frog and tip are covered with a black rubber texture similar to the 'anti-gravity' materials used on smartphone cases designed to prevent the device from falling out of your hands without feeling 'sticky'. Compared to traditional bows, the frog has been redesigned to be 'gripped' rather than held.

Available in 4/4 size
Strong round bow shaft of carbon fiber
Tough polymer filament for hair
Rubber frog for great grip and durability
Precisely weighed for intuitive balance and responsiveness
Cruelty free animal friendly product
Covered by 3-year warranty

Incredibow in action

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