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Dominant String Limited Edition Bundle

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Retail: $74

Dominant String Limited Edition Bundle

This pairing has been handpicked by Kennedy Violins for the advancing violinist!

Upgrade your strings with a set of Dominant Strings from Thomastik, get a high quality rosin from Artcaft and save!

Made in Austria, Dominant strings create a rich, mellow tone that resonates clearly without sounding tinny or metallic. The full and rich sound is excellent for both arco and pizzicato playing. Dominant strings also offer great stability through changes in temperature and humidity, giving the strings resilience and consistency in tone.

Kaplan Artcraft Rosin is formulated from the original recipe created by the great American violin maker Ladislav Kaplan. Produced in New York by D'Addario to the most stringent quality controls in the industry, this low-dust rosin is available in light and dark and packaged in a flannel pouch. Together, they make a beautiful sound that compliments any violinists' playing style.

Dominant String Limited Edition Bundle in action