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Antonio Giuliani CL-5P Classical Guitar with Under-Saddle Piezo Pickup

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Retail: $551.89

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  • Tone: Crisp, warm, sweet

  • Aesthetics: Honey brown finish, mahogany neck, back and sides, beautiful rosette

  • Perfect for: Student and intermediate players

  • Under-saddle piezoelectric ribbon pickup for amplified sound

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Outfit at a glance

  • Case: Heavy-duty Giuliani padded guitar case
  • Accessories: Free foot rest included, digital clip-on tuner, soft cleaning cloth, strung with D'Addario or Savarez strings, back up Portland Strings,

Antonio Giuliani CL-5P Classical Guitar with Under-Saddle Piezo Pickup

This model of the CL-5P is equipped with an under-saddle piezoelectric ribbon pickup that can be controlled right inside the soundhole, with a wheel control for volume and a wheel control for tone. The 1/4 inch endpin jack is securely installed through the heel block. The CL-5P will come with a 9-volt battery already installed, and a cable so you can plug in to your amp and get playing right away!

All Giuliani classical guitars are hand built using traditional Spanish methods. The model CL-5P Giuliani guitar is constructed with the highest quality mahogany neck, back, and sides, a solid rosewood fingerboard and a solid Canadian cedar top.

Most guitars in this price category are constructed using only laminated woods, but the CL-5P is built with a solid cedar top that gives the instrument unmatched quality and richness of sound that is rare at this price point. Players describe the guitar's sound as having very strong fundamentals, while retaining partials that give the trebles a bell like quality that is warm and sweet. Scale length is 650mm. The nut and saddle are made of real bone for the highest quality sound and response.

Giuliani guitars are unique in this price category because they are constructed with dual-action truss rods, which provide the ability to adjust the guitar between light, medium or heavy tension string sets. This flexibility in adjustment also reduces the acclimation period when the instrument is moved to different climates. Dual-action truss rods do not need seasonal adjustments, unlike traditional compression rods.

Due to CITES regulations we cannot ship this product outside of the US.

Antonio Giuliani CL-5P Classical Guitar with Under-Saddle Piezo Pickup in action

Antonio Giuliani CL-5P Classical Guitar with Under-Saddle Piezo Pickup Features

Product Features

  • Constructed with the highest quality mahogany neck, back, and sides, a solid rosewood fingerboard, and a solid Canadian cedar top
  • Handmade construction
  • Real rosewood bridge
  • Constructed with dual-action truss rod
  • 100% real bone saddle and nut
  • 1/4 inch endpin mono output jack
  • Under-saddle piezo ribbon pickup installed
  • Requires 9 volt battery (installed)
  • Thumb wheels for volume and tone control installed at sound hole for easy adjustment

Outfit Features

  • Shipping within 2 business days.
  • In-shop luthiers allow same-day shipping on most orders
  • Handmade construction
  • Outfit includes what you need to play now: heavy duty gig bag, and genuine Savarez strings installed
  • Digital clip-on tuner
  • Every guitar is set up with Savarez strings
  • Extra set of D'Addario strings

Case Features

  • Giuliani Professional Padded Guitar Bag - Classical 40"
  • 3 inch thick protective padding
  • Beautiful heather gray color
  • Durable carrying handle
  • Ample storage pockets for all your music, accessories, and picks
  • Heavy-duty zippers for long lasting use

Professional Set Up

  • Our setup includes the following:
  • All frets have been hand leveled, crowned and polished
  • All fret ends have been dressed for comfort 
  • Rosewood fretboard oiled for protection and beauty
  • Finish is polished
  • Each guitar is set-up at the 12th fret with 2.75 mm of clearance on the treble and 3 mm on the bass side
  • Every guitar is set-up with genuine Savarez strings
  • Truss rods are adjusted for optimum playability
  • Strings are wound and tied correctly
  • Saddles are accurately shaped and sanded for optimum playability
  • New 9-volt battery is installed
  • Pickup, jack, volume and tone controls are play-tested for functionality