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We are always adding more tutorial videos, so make sure to check our YouTube page and our blog!

My Violin Won't Stay in Tune, Please Help!

Learn how to tune your violin and keep it in tune with Joel.

How to Pick Strings

Wondering what type of violin strings to buy for your instrument? Join Travis from Kennedy Violins as he describes the qualities and differences between some of the most popular brands of violin strings. Learn about the difference between sythetic-core and steel-core strings and the benefits and characteristics of each. Learn more about popular string brands including D'Addario Prelude, Helicore, Zyex, and Pro-Arte as well as Thomastik-Infeld PI, Evah Pirazzi, Dominant, and Obligato strings.

How to Install or Replace Fine Tuners

Learn how to install or replace fine tuners. In a few easy steps learn how to remove and re-install violin fine tuners on the tailpiece.

How to Use a Tourte Violin Mute

The Tourte mute is a rubber mute for the violin that dampens the vibrations and sound of the instrument. This video demonstrates how to install and use the Tourte mute on a violin.

How to Clean Your Violin at Home

Join Jeff from Kennedy Violins as he explains how to clean your violin at home. Ever wondered what to do about rosin buildup? How to clean the fingerboard? What about your strings? Find out in this quick tutorial from Kennedy Violins. For antique violins or if you suspect your violin has a special finish, bring your instrument by our Vancouver, WA shop for a professional cleaning.