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Orders Over $100 Ship Free!

Thank You for your interest in the Kennedy Violins Teacher Loyalty Program!

Signing up is easy!

Here's how the program works:

Fill out our application form, wait up to 4 days for approval.

Recieve your teacher discount code. Use for yourself & give to your students!

Every time you or your student makes a purchase or rental with your code, you earn points!

Redeem points towards supplies and instruments for your class!

Membership comes with many fantastic benefits, including:

  • Earn credit towards your purchase of school supplies.
  • Your students will accrue rental credit towards future purchases.
  • The freedom to customize your own class packages.
  • Free finger taping on all KV rental instruments.
  • 2 months rent free for enrolled students to continue their summer practice.
  • Free school delivery.
  • PLUS when your students use your teacher code they can earn 10% off purchases!