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Antonio Giuliani

$685.73 was $1,022.69

The Antonio Giuliani Violin is very well known for its responsive, projective sound. It has a smooth, mellow voice and singing qualities. Each Giuliani violin has its own stunningly tiger-striped flame across the ribs, back, and scroll of the instrument. The Antonio Giuliani is the perfect intermediate instrument for the advancing violinist.

"The Violin is simply amazing! It is a gift to my wife who has played a lot as a student and now decided to return to the instrument. Comparing to current instrument it is like day to night and she really feel in love with it. Sound is marvelous and the looks - it is simply beautiful!"

Mikhail Vitacek

$1,331.54 was $1985.79

The Mikhail Vitacek Violin is remarkably resonant with a strong voice. Its detailed, intricate construction includes the bass bar, sound post, and structural components placed with absolute precision within the soundbox for a flawless sound and amazing projection.

"The Vitacek I received is a beautiful piece of art with stunning tiger flame on its back. Not only does it look fabulous, but it also produces gorgeous sounds. I can feel the pride that was put into making it by the maker and luthier. The violin is of high value with its very high quality and reasonable price."

Both of these violins are available at a special Holiday Price through the end of the year! With savings like these, you won't want to miss out!