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The Louis Carpini from Kennedy Violins is America's top rated Student Violin.        

The Louis Carpini G2 Violin is the top of the student level violins available in sizes from 1/16 through 4/4. Much more well-rounded than other student violins, with a warm voice and beautiful resonance. The smooth tone and full ringing notes, make the Louis Carpini G2 a top choice violin for the learning violinist. Players love the rich sound and the gorgeous flaming on these violins.

Customers admire the beautiful handcrafting.

"I love my Violin the sound is just right and when you first get it you smell the wood and you can just tell that it was wonderfully crafted. The sound is loud, deep, and rich, and for me was a great upgrade form the glossy beginner "popped out of some machine in Germany" violin I had before hand. It was so much better then my previous violin it encouraged me to practice more often."

Customers love the upgrades.

"Wow! Our violin teacher is very impressed. He said the Carpini G2 sounds like a full size violin. He played the Etude and Carpini side by side for me. As a mom, even I could tell the difference. The Carpini had the mellow tone and richness of a full size violin."

The Louis Carpini G2 violin  is available in 4/4 and fractional sizes. This violin has up to 100% trade-in value* so sizing up for little learners is a breeze! 

Customers rave about its performance.

"This is an incredible instrument. It exudes excellence from the action, to craftsmanship, to finish. The violin itself is great, the bow is phenomenal, and the case does not disappoint. I can feel the quality. Thank you Kennedy"

 *Trade-in value determined by the condition of the violin at the time of trade. All trades will be assessed a $17 restringing fee. 
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